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Frost's Post Condition Report
Frost's Post Condition ReportCollapse )

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Over the next few days the team at Condition will be releasing a number of updates, contests, videos and polls to help improve and promote Zero Hour.

Phase One - The Mascot Revealed

We have decided on the name for our mascot. A mixture of two submissions from Cola and Uzanti.

May we present the Multipass for our Mad Scientist of a Mascot, Mascot Polarski!


Since the contest was won by two of our very own staff members, the prizes will be added to future contests and raffles.

Condition: Sub Zero - The Charity Ski Meet
Charity Ski Meet

Event : Condition: Sub Zero / Boler Blitz
Date : Jan, 31st , 2010
Time : Leaving the apartments around 9 to be at the Hill and ready for 10am
and will depart around 3 pm(or whenever we are too tired to ski)
Where : Boler Mountain in London http://tinyurl.com/bolermountain
Also where: We usually hit Swiss Chalet afterward for Dinner/Late Lunch
Cost: 26-51 Dollars (approx)

The London community has been invited for our second annual Boler Blitz Charity Event. We are going to be entertaining the ski students at Track Three.

Track Three is a ski school that helps youth and children with disabilities to learn downhill skiing. They have kindly invited us and are going to provide a limited number of lift tickets to us. For more information about track 3 http://www.londontrack3.ca/

This event is not an open invite in that we will need you to RSVP to get the tickets from Track 3. Please R.S.V.P to frostscar@gmail.com, you can expect a response within 24 hours, usually within an hour. Space/Tickets are very limited.

In addition, anyone who wishes to attend will be asked to sign a contract waving Forest City Media and Entertainment of any responsibility of injury, damage to person, damage to suits etc. This is apart from the waver the ski hill will require.

P.S. No one is getting paid and is expected to be on their best behavior in front of the children and other people skiing. The general atmosphere should be kept G rated. Anyone causing trouble will be asked to leave the event.

Room Party location
Anime Cola by Kaze
Alright! The Condition: Zero Hour room party will be happening Friday night starting at 7pm in rooms 625 / 627.

See you there!

Room Party at MFF
Anime Cola by Kaze
With just less than 24 hours before the Condition: Zero Hour staff starts migrating to MFF to have a fun time, we would like to announce that we will be having a room party at MFF, bringing a taste of home with us for all to enjoy!

Where: At the Chicago North Shore Westin (MFF hotel), Room TBA (Thursday Evening)
When: The Friday night of MFF starting around 7pm
Who: All are invited, but bring ID if you plan to be drinking.

Come meet with us, share a drink and some snacks and have a good time. Also if you register, you will get a free dog tag!

Registration is now open.
Anime Cola by Kaze
To view our package information, please visit http://www.conditionfurry.ca/registration

To get a jump on registration and start the process, please visit http://www.conditionfurry.ca/regsys

Registration Details Released
Fursuit Cola
On October 1st we will be releasing our registration system.

In preparation of that, we are releasing the details of our registration plans. To see them, please visit http://www.conditionfurry.ca/registration

For anyone interested in a dealer's table, please contact registration@conditionfurry.ca as we like to deal with our dealers personally.

Hotel Information Updated
Anime Cola by Kaze
Hello Everyone!

The Hotel information has been updated.

What you will find on the Hotel page is…
– The latest on our room rates
– A link to the page indicating how to reserve a room with the hotel.

Additionally, we would like to point out, that our room block has a limited number of the really awesome Executive and Tower suites and they are really worth the “extra money”.

And we mean “extra” in that way, because the exchange rate as of 1am on September 1st, the Tower suites (the best ones) are only $123US per night plus taxes, very little more than a Standard room at Anthrocon.